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March 2021

Through the Storm


In 2015, I brought home a Standard Poodle puppy named Seiko as my service dog prospect for my chronic illness. He grew into my stalwart partner, a furry shoulder to lean on, a comfort through my chronic illness storm. I remember one flight to grad school where we found ourselves waiting in the airport during a significant delay. Physically exhausted and emotionally drained, I laid a blanket on the floor, sat down and rested my head on my bag. Seiko curled up next to me, his head up, alert, watching. For a few moments, I could close my eyes and became a little girl again, safe and secure. My protector was watching through the storm. 

Limited Edition (25) - 24x36 - $1,250

Limited Edition (25) - 16x24 - $150

Limited Edition (50) - 11x17 - $75

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