About the Artist

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Mother - Artist - Wife - Animal Lover - Writer - Chronic Illness Warrior - Believer


Dogs are our link to paradise. . . . To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden . . . it [is] peace.
 – Milan Kundera

My Why

Growing up I was a shy girl with perfectionist tendencies. I struggled with finding friends. I spent most of my time with dogs because dogs didn't judge. I didn't have to fumble for words with them. I understood them and they understood me.


One evening as a young woman, I was finishing up my job as a front desk receptionist at a veterinary clinic. A large, middle aged man came in, grinning and leering at me. He leaned over the counter in my face like he was God's gift, his eyes running over me as he determined my worth.


Sick and shaken I got him the medicine he needed. Afterwards, I drove home from work in tears feeling devalued and helpless. So very helpless. My Collie, Danny, met me at the door, trembling. Somehow he knew. He snuggled up to me and I shed tears into his thick white rough and allowed myself to heal.


Dog's have always been there for me. I create now to share the love, healing and acceptance dogs have given to me. My work is meant to create that love, healing and acceptance for my collectors. 

Short Biography

Priscilla Cash spent her girlhood years romping through the forests in Perry County, Pennsylvania with a Shetland Sheepdog named Merci. She dabbled in art (drawing and photography) as a girl, but spent most of her time with her pets or working on various creative writing projects.


When she graduated from high school, she brought home a Collie, named Danny. She married a U.S. Soldier, graduated with her Bachelor of Science from Moody Bible Institute and welcomed a baby boy into the world before deciding something was still missing in her life. In 2017, she graduated from Pine Manor College with her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.


Struggling with chronic illness, Priscilla found words escaping her and turned to her camera as a way to create and capture. Her dogs (now two Standard Poodles) and son were her primary subjects and soon she started photographing other dogs as well.


When her chronic illness progressed and she found herself in a wheelchair most days and unable to easily photograph dogs, she found a new outlet for creation. She began working on creating digital portraits and fell in love with the limitless process.


Her professional art career took off in 2020. She continues to explore, create and grow as an artist as seen in her latest collection of Canine Meditations.

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