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August 2021

"Blue Mist: You Are Not Alone"

Sometimes you’re searching for something and you don’t quite know what. You’re reaching out, reaching into the mist, but all you see are shapes and colors, a swirl of blue, a flash of gold. And then you touch something. Through the blue mist you feel a wet nose, a soft muzzle, a warm kiss. The eyes of your poodle appear and in that moment you are grounded, stable. There will be more chaos ahead. There will be dark nights you can’t see through. But your stalwart partner is by your side. Keep pressing on. There is camaraderie in the confusion. There is connection in the journey.

Limited Edition (10) - 20x24 - $1,250

Limited Edition (25) - 16x20 - $150

Limited Edition (50) - 11x14 - $75

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