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1. I only have low resolution cellphone photos. Can you use them?

Certainly! While I prefer to have great photos with even lighting, good details, etc., I know those can be hard to get, especially if your pet has passed. I can work with most photos. Just send me a message with the photo and I will let you know. I usually ask for several photos, so that I can be sure to get your pet's colors and looks as authentic as possible.

2. I have thousands of photos of my pet. How do I pick one?

Splendid! It can be easy to feel overwhelmed. I usually find that the best photos to use are the ones you personally connect with the most. Perhaps it's the look in your pet's eyes. Or memories from the particular day the photo was taken. If you still need help, send me your top favorites, and I'll help you narrow them down. 

3. How soon will my portrait be completed? 

Wait time varies depending on how many commissions I have prior to yours, but I will quote you a time frame when you commission a work. Generally I estimate anywhere from 1 to 3 months out. 

4. My pets won't sit nicely together for a photo. Can you combine different photos in my artwork? 

Definitely! Just like kids, pets aren't always cooperative. Let me ease the stress by doing the hard work for you. Send me your photos and I can let you know if there will be any issues. Most of the time I can work with what you have. 

5. Do you offer framing? 

I'm always glad to frame your piece for you if you would like. Just ask. I work closely with you to pick the best frame to complement your portrait and your home. Your piece arrives all ready for you to hang then. 

6. What size should I choose?

Generally most single pet portraits look nice as a 16x20 inch piece (framing adds another 2-3 inches). However if you will have multiple pets in the piece, consider going larger. Additionally, if you have a unique space in your home that has unusual dimensions, I can create something sized for that space. Just message me. 

If you're not sure about the size, I recommend you cut a piece of cardboard to a 16x20  (plus 2-3 inches for the frame) and tape it with blue painters tape to the area you are considering. Step back a few feet and look at it and then go all the way across the room. Does the wall swallow up the piece? Does it feel pinched and tight? You can also send me photos of your wall space with the taped up cardboard and I am happy to offer suggestions as well. 

7. How much does a custom commission cost? 

This actually is a hard question to answer because each commission is so unique. But as a general rule, prices for a 16x20 inch piece start around $395 USD. There is an additional cost for pieces that include multiple subjects, detailed backgrounds and dogs with long, curly hair, for example, since each of these require more time to create authentically. I'm always happy to provide a no-pressure custom quote for you. Just send me a message.

8. Is shipping expensive?

For the most part, shipping is reasonable within the United States. I generally charge $25-$35 USD to cover the shipping and packaging of fine art prints. Framed pieces will be a bit more due to the extra bulk of the piece and the weight of the glass. I'm very careful with your completed artwork to make sure it arrives to you in pristine condition. Shipping outside of the United States has a higher cost, but just ask for a quote and I can get it for you.

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