Meditation #1 - I Choose to be

I have learned that I can't run from the pain and discomfort, but rather find the beauty as I walk through them. 

farmhouse bench_edited.jpg

A pillowy cloud.

A snowy slope. 

Pleasant dreams


Rain gentles

Peace flutters

I choose

To breathe.

- Priscilla Cash

24x26 Fine Art Edition

Only 3 Available

Last year I began working on a collection of pieces. They became my Canine Meditation Collection, an exploration of serenity and a pursuit of peace.


My life is wonderful, packed with so many amazing and wonderful moments and people. But it is also hard. My chronic illness was a huge battle last year. There was new pain, new struggles. New discrimination.


This collection is my embracing all the struggles and seeking the beauty in it. I chose dogs as my subject, partly because I know them best, but also because they have been my closest confidents. They don't judge. They aren't upset by my limitations. They're content to just be with me even if all I can do is nestle down deeper in the blankets on a rough day.


Seiko, my Standard Poodle boy, the main reference for this piece, was resting, nestled on a soft, furry blanket. In the original reference, Seiko had his eyes open, lazily looking at the camera. But the further along I worked on this piece, I realized that his eyes needed to close.  Painting is cathartic for me, it allows me to focus, breathe and be. This piece was a meditation of sorts. My hope is that it will draw you in as you follow the lines and dwell on the details. May it bring you the focus you need to simply be and breathe. 


This is the first piece in my Canine Meditation collection. Please find the other pieces on the artwork tab above. 


Your artwork comes as a 24x36 inch, Fine Art Print, backed with 1/8 inch masonite. Meditaion #1 is printed on the finest art papers around, HahnemuhleI paper, by a professional print lab using only the finest, vibrant inks.


Framing options available. 


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