3 Ways This Artist Finds Inspiration

Updated: Jan 21

Ever wonder how I get my ideas? Be prepared for earth shattering revelations. ... Okay, just kidding. But, read on anyway, as I dive into what makes this artist's clock go round.

I find inspiration in similar ways to everybody else (engaging with other's work, studying nature, etc.), but let me share three here that are very specific to me.

  • 1. Deep, hot baths: Yep, you heard that right. I disconnect from everything else and allow my body to relax and my brain to play. I just need to remember to take notes!

  • 2. Christian Russian Music: I don't know what it is this, but it works. I turn on Simon Khorolskiy and everything else fades away. I pick up my stylus and lose myself in my work.

  • 3. Reference Search: I'll jump onto my favorite reference photo sites and start collecting photos. As I look, my search becomes more focused. And in a short time I have a few photos just screaming for me to bring them over into photoshop and start playing.


Polar Bear Sun was born out of #3 above. I knew I wanted to do a large mammal, one of the big cats or bears. I started looking at lions, then moved over to grizzly bears. Then I stumbled across the image of a polar bear.

Polar Bears capture out imaginations, don't they? I'm thinking about The Golden Compass, here. They're magnificent whether they are anthropomorphized (yes, that's a word, I looked it up), or just part of a rugged, icy landscape. They're formidable creatures, able to survive in impossible conditions. And yet, they look so warm and approachable.

Massive. Powerful. Cuddly? Paradoxical.

This piece was created as a nod towards the power of our imaginations and the majesty of polar bears. Enjoy!


Polar Bear Sun

20x20 Limited Edition - 3 available

40x40 Limited Edition - 3 available

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