A Day in the Life of An Artist

Is it true an artist spends the majority of their time doing non-artsy things?

I like to think that the majority of life is artistic expression. How we sweep the floor, how we do the dishes, how we fold the clothes. ... But that may be a bit of the romantic in me trying to make something be something it isn't. In reality, much of my life is doing very non-artsy things.

This morning I washed the dishes and got my son breakfast.

Then I started my son on school worksheets (we are homeschooling) while I hopped onto my computer and tried to catch up on messages and social media.

I think I've made it half way through at this point. I love each inquiry about my art, each comment. My art business is all about connection. I cherish all the friends and relationships!

I look longingly over at my photoshop application. I have two screens that I work on and I usually leave photoshop open with my latest artwork on it while I work on my laptop screen with the more businessy (yes, I know that's not a word) side of things. I think it's my way of keeping my creative side always thinking.

Currently I have a rough sketch painting of a green field bordered by trees up on my second screen. If I zoom out really, really far, it doesn't look too bad.

Up close though, eek!

This piece isn't a custom commission, nor is it part of the series of works on connection that I am devoting time to. It was simply play. I saw a video on Youtube exploring light in concept art (scene building) and really wanted to explore that idea too. Dom Lay made it look so easy.

It's not. lol. But I love the way he created his scene and I am hoping to explore it more in the future.

But now, I need to finish up here so I can spend some one on one time in school with my son. Multiplication tables don't come for the faint of heart!

So, how's your day? What do you look forward to?

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