What Does Progress Look Like?

I began painting poodle portraits over a year ago. I had just discovered the wonders of digital media and begun exploring with excitement and wonder. Entire worlds previously closed to me spilled open at my fingertips. Photoshop is powerful. I haven't learned the half of it yet. This is Creed from the United Kingdom, created in 2019 (if my memory serves me right).

I was so proud of this piece. I had just learned how to create the blurred, smooth background. And I had begun learning how to digitally paint from a photo. Creed was so beautiful, I had to try.

Fast forward to February 2021.

I'm still finding my style.

I'm still diving into all the possibilities that digitally created pet portraits offer.

Sometimes we don't see the growth from day to day. We have to step back, take a deep breath and open our eyes. Why not take a moment today and do just that.

Blessings, Friends!

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