Am I Waiting, Or Resting? - Meditation #2

I can choose to wait, or I can choose to rest.

Canine Meditation #2 - Rest

24x36 Fine Art Print - Limited Edition of 3

Waiting is an ever present reality in my life. Waiting for my strength to return. Waiting for a doctor to get back to me. Waiting for an appointment. Waiting for approval for a new med. Waiting.

It could be easy to get bogged down in the waiting, to become bitter, frustrated and impatient. But when so much of my life is spent waiting, I've found I have a choice. I can choose to wait. Or I can choose rest. There is a difference. A powerful difference.

Waiting is unfulfilled. Waiting is believing that happiness is coming, that it is not now. But rest. Rest is peaceful, beautiful and fulfilling. It is purposeful. It is rejuvenating. It is healing.

Meditation #2 began as a simple exercise in painting a Borzoi waiting for the return of his owner. It felt lonely, full of unmet longing. It wasn't right. I then took a risk and painted in large cream brushstrokes, sunlight streaming in from all directions, enveloping the Borzoi in warmth and energy. The Borzoi will awaken renewed. There is beauty in rest. I choose to rest. How about you?

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