An Artist Grapples With Power And Beauty

I did a collection of three horse pieces and have been waiting until Valentine's to release them. Here's the first one! :) Please consider sharing this post with anyone who might appreciate them. <3

Collection: Roses of Andalusia

Each of the three pieces has been an exploration of power juxtaposed beside beauty and heart. Andalusian horses are exquisite examples of power under control. Watch them dance around the dressage ring and you can't help but catch your breath. How can a creature so large be so graceful?

Powerful muscles are breathtaking, but without beauty and heart, you have nothing more than a crazed bull in a China shop. Beauty has a place next to power. Without it, power is terrifying and dare I say, useless? But with it? Ah, yes, there we have something. Gentled power is a priceless.

Each of the three pieces in my Roses of Andalusia is available as a large framed limited edition piece, or as a smaller art print.

30x30 in. Framed Limited Edition (10 available) - $1,975 (free shipping).

Collection of 3 - I'll be releasing the other two soon! Stay tuned to learn how you can get all three!

12x12 in. Fine Art Print (50 available) - $75 (plus $10 US shipping)

To inquire how you can get the Roses of Andalusia, just contact me here -

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