"Lavender Mist" - Butterflies, Poodles and Pain

I'm not sure why purple butterflies were chosen as a symbol of Fibromyalgia, but there is something to them. There's something hopeful and beautiful with them. Fibromyalgia is a prevalent illness. Everyone knows someone who has it.

I was diagnosed with it several years ago. Characterized by pain and exhaustion, Fibromyalgia can steal things from you, steal activities you want to do, steal your ability to help your family, steal friends and more.

But for me, I've been able to experience the other side of it too. Love and care from friends, family, church and more. Connections with dear people whom I wouldn't have met otherwise. When Fibro sent me to bed and put me in a wheelchair, I discovered new talents. I dreamed new dreams. I began painting.

Just as butterflies signify new life, and purple hints of inspiration, so a fibro warrior is also someone figuring out a new life and finding peace and inspiration in new ways.

To all my Fibro warriors and the caregivers and friends and family that love them, this piece is for you! <3

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I also created a matching Couture Dog Collar alongside my artwork. Check out the collar here! - Purple Butterfly Couture Collar.

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