Summing Up A Breeder's Legacy

Can One Piece of Art Captures Years of Breeding Success

A breeder approached me with the rather overwhelming task of creating a piece of art that would fully encompass all her years of breeding Coton de Tulears. She admitted she had thousands of photos (she quoted 8,000 ) to go through and really had no idea where to start. Over a period of several weeks we chatted back and forth. She shared photos and I gushed over them. I mean, really, what is there not to love about these beautiful little dogs!

This piece below was commissioned by the Canadian Coton de Tulear club and was my first real introduction to the breed. (Please find this piece on display on their website here - Canadian Coton de Tulear Club.)

The client and I kept looking through photos. She had had so many Cotons through the years and each one looked so special and unique, we were having trouble narrowing it down. Then she shared this photo of two of her pups and we had something.

These two babies were from "the fruit litter." Their father was named Mango and they were named Soncoya and Kiwi when born. Their grandmother was the client's first breeding female. So these two showcased prior breeding as well as her future hopes.

They grew up into two beauties and were took the names of Agatha (named after Agathe Christie, the mystery writer) and Effie.

Agatha is living the dream life with a lovely couple.

Effie has remained with her breeder. She is "sweet and lovely, she's my cuddle girl" the breeder shared.

One of my favorite parts of accepting commissions is hearing the stories behind the pets I paint. Though I may never get to see these precious girls in person, I feel so blessed to get a glimpse into their story!

(This client also commissioned another piece featuring a lovely Spinone Italiano - see her portrait here - Alice: When One Photo Isn't Enough.)

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