Together We Are Stronger <3

This is my piece, "Together We Are Stronger", two Borzoi's looking into a winter storm together. This can be a difficult time of year. Estranged family members, loss, loneliness, financial struggles, illness . . . The list can go on.

Perhaps you don't even celebrate the same holidays as the majority and it feels like an awkward time when you're living at a different speed than others. Perhaps this will be the first Christmas without a loved one. Perhaps you just laid to rest a close friend. Perhaps you're facing job loss. Perhaps an illness came and took something from you, energy, strength, a loved one. Perhaps your spouse is in the military and your stealing yourself against the heartache of being apart this Christmas.

Whatever it is, I want to say that I see you. You're not alone. Together, we are stronger. I know it's a lot to hope for, world peace, but if even for a few moments, we can lay down our differences, and link arms, there's something in that. As a believer in God, I pray for each and everyone of you this Christmas Hugs all!

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