Why Aren't There More Pet and Owner Portraits?

You know the difference between people and dogs? Well, one of them?

People are self-conscious. We look at ourselves in the mirror and we judge. We step out of our houses and judge ourselves, how we walk, talk. How tall we stand. How wide our shadow falls.

We are harsh judges.

Dog's show up, happy and loving, whether fresh from the groomers or fresh from a mud puddle.

The above portrait was a composite from three different photos. The gentleman is battling cancer. His beloved red setter has passed on, but the memories and love are still strong. It was a honor to create this portrait for them. I hope to be able to do more portraits with owners in them.

Let's be more like dogs and stop judging ourselves so harshly. And maybe get some photos of you together with your pet, maybe get a portrait created. Capture that relationship. <3

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