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April 2021

"Together We Are Stronger"

Borzois, Russian Wolfhounds, have captivated me. How can something so elegant and graceful be a force of reckoning? Perhaps it comes from their ancestory. Bred only for Russian nobility, they were more than just a pretty face. They were hunters. And they didn't hunt alone. Borzoi were sent out in packs. Together we are stronger.

"Country life is at its worst:
It's dark, it's cold, it rains, it snows,
and wolves are on the prowl. But still,
nothing daunts the hunter's will."

- "Count Nulin" by Alexander Pushkin

Translated by Betsy Hulick

In creating this piece, I sought a background texture worthy of the brutal Russian winters. The Borzois' coats curl in the wind, and it's hard to define where their coats end and the swirling snow begins. I kept my color palette muted to allow the movement in this piece to take center stage. Frigid, swirling snow juxtaposes beside the warm closeness these two share.

Limited Edition (10) - 45x30 - $2,450

Limited Edition (25) - 24x36 - $1,250

Limited Edition (25) - 16x24 - $150

Limited Edition (50) - 11x17 - $75

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